How to make a good restaurant steak

How to make a good restaurant steak

Restaurant food no doubt is good, and maybe it’s because they employ professional chefs who are good at what they do. You may have tasted that piece of steak, and wondered how you can make yours at home to taste that juicy. A trick to cooking a good steak is all in the preparation, ingredients, spices and how to regulate the heat when cooking.

Preparation begins by looking for a

Preparation begins by looking for a good steak while buying it from a butcher or supermarket. Oil the steak on both sides while massaging it thoroughly to make sure the oil seeps into the piece of meat. You can add seasoning of your preference when oiling and massaging the steak. Black pepper, paprika, kosher salt, garlic powder or mixed spices are some options of seasoning that you can use. Seasoning ensures that there are different flavors that will merge in together with the steak while the oil keeps them in place.

How to make a good restaurant steak

Get a cast iron skillet, then preheat this piece of steak for five minutes on the cooker. Let the steak cook for a couple of minutes while flipping on both sides to make sure it cooks evenly. Using an oven or grill depending on what you have, preheat it for 10 minutes at 260 degrees. Take a clean cast iron skillet without any oil because the steak has already been oiled well. The cast iron skillet needs to be heated till it’s hot before placing the steak on its surface. Make sure that your steak is placed at the center of the pan then wait for three minutes before flipping your steak using a pair of thongs to the other side.

Both surfaces need to be dark brown and not black which will mean that they are burnt. When cooking, pay attention to the time needed to flip because if you take too long your steak will be burnt. After cooking for about six minutes while continuously flipping this steak, transfer it to another clean pan with a bit of butter. Close your pan with a lid and, let it sit for some time, or to your desired doneness before putting the cooked steak on a plate.

Fry the onions, garlic, and coriander in a low-heat pan as you add mixed spices to add flavor. After allowing the steak to cool down to the desired temperature, sprinkle the cooked garlic, onions and coriander to make the dish look appealing. The steak can be eaten with sauces depending on your preference. That is how a good restaurant steak is made.

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